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Specialized Services Offered

Through my colleague in Germany the following services are available:

Looking for a high quality horse?

Train in Germany?

Enroll in an Equestrian Degree Program in English?

Attend a German auction or event?

My trusted American colleague has developed long-lasting relationships and contacts in the horse community over the past 13 years. She understands the needs of the American buyer and is not bound to anyone so she can help you make the right choice for you.

Arrangements will be made for accommodations, tickets for equestrian events, shipping, and pre-purchase exams. Or find the right short- or long-term training programs. Prices are reasonable and tailored to individual needs.



Contact Info
Nancy J Baker
Phone: 859-534-0395 Home
513-325-2089 Cell
10832 Doral Court Union, Kentucky 41091
Email: nbaker@wicklowdressage.com