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“My BALIMO™ clinic with Nancy was a turning point in my riding. I spent most of my riding career as a show jumping rider and had struggled making the position change to Dressage. Nancy taught me body control in a totally new way. Instead of forcing my body to do something, BALIMO™ teaches us exercises that make it easy and relaxing to control body position. I immediately rode better and my horses were so responsive.” –Tonya Grant-Barber, Professional Dressage Trainer/USDF Gold Medalist

“I have been fortunate to have had strong mentors. One important influence on my thinking was Nancy Baker of Ohio. Nancy would come to Colorado for clinics, and I worked with her regularly there. She shared about how important the rider’s seat and position were in influencing the horse. This has become crucial in my own philosophy and training. She taught me to focus on rider’s position and balance to insure correct influence on the horse.” – Shannon Peters, of S. Peters Stables in California, as quoted in Sidelines Magazine

“Riding with Nancy is both educational and great fun. She has the unique ability to see how the rider’s body position and use of the aids affect even the horse’s subtlest movement. Nancy helps the rider make improvements through precise explanations and specific exercises tailored to the individual rider and horse combination. I am often amazed at how dramatic and immediate the improvements are.” –S. Meyer

“I have been lucky enough to work with Nancy for one year now and have learned more than in the previous five! She is an outstanding trainer with a very professional attitude, great communication skills, endless patience and a genuine desire to get the very best out of both horse and rider, whatever their level. She is supportive, empathetic and motivational. In short, she has it all!”
–Heidi Coombe

“Nancy has the ability to see everything in the rider, and, when riding, to feel everything in the horse. As her student, I so much appreciate her patience, her fairness, her willingness to recognize progress, and her determination on my behalf. But I believe that her greatest attribute as a teacher is the ability to verbally describe how best to improve my body, aids, and coordination to gain the maximum from my horse.” –Sandra Lobert



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