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The path to good training must begin with understanding what it means to be on a path of “mastery”.  There are no short cuts and no instant gratification.  Classical training is rooted in developing the correct foundation for the horse.  It begins with relaxation, balance, and suppleness.  This process is not defined by time.  Each individual horse and rider defines it.  In our fast-paced society, time demands results.  Horses, on the other hand, demand unconditional time.  As trainers and riders, we are responsible for their development and well-being.  We believe in honoring our horses’ generosity through patience, respect and kindness.

To classically ride a horse, we also must be relaxed, balanced, and supple, both physically and mentally.  To have a positive impact on the horse, we must first look at ourselves to examine whether our seat is functioning in harmony with the horse.  To make changes in the horse, we must first be willing to make changes in our position and ourselves.  Correct training and riding are conjoined and one does not exist without the other.  At Wicklow Dressage, we help riders at all levels to develop an effective seat that positively influences the horse, creating a more harmonious partnership.



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