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Lowenprinz – 1980 to 2008

Lowenprinz means Prince of the Lions. He lived up to his distinguished title. He had an aura that was like a magnet. People flocked to be near him. His wasn’t a loud demanding aura, but a soft and loving one. He was 17’, black, elegant, with gaits to die for.

When I first rode Lowen I could hardly post his flamboyant trot. The kind gentleman that showed him to me asked, “Do you think you can sit that trot?” I had to admit I could not, but I would learn. And I did; I learned more than I could ever have imagined.

Our journey was not without difficulties or interesting episodes. At one of our dressage shows, we found ourselves at a trotting track. Well, Lowen wasn’t taken with those buggies and I had to do one 10 meter circle after another down the tract just to get to the dressage arena, on the way nearly running over one of the judges. Then there were the bleachers, with a boy having fun flipping the seats. Lowen just stopped and grew from his 17’s to a giant that was frozen in time. I didn’t know what would happen next. But, by some miracle I managed to get in the ring. It truly wasn’t pretty, but we did manage to finish the test. I apologized to the judge; she asked me what was his breed and I said Hanoverian. She commented that he was the hottest Hanoverian she had ever seen. But she gave me encouragement by saying when he got some experience he would be wonderful. How right she was.

When I bought Lowen he had just been imported as a 5-year-old. We grew together from Training Level to Grand Prix. Looking back over the years, remembering all that we have attained, I will remember him most as the partner with whom I shared many “firsts”. We shared the first Half-Pass, the first Flying Change, the first Piaffe and Passage, Pirouettes and Tempi’s to 1’s. His talent was the Piaffe and his nemesis was Flying Changes. It took over a year just to teach him to do one change. I certainly wasn’t any help because I, too, was learning.  But he kept trying to figure out what I wanted.
He was the first and only horse to line up for award ceremonies while Piaffing and hiccupping at the same time. I never felt unsafe. No matter how terrified he was, I knew that he would keep me safe. What a gift.

With Lowenprinz, I received my bronze, silver and gold medals, earned numerous year-end awards and was Vintage Grand Prix Champion in 1997. With his help I earned the privilege of becoming an L judge with distinction.

Beyond all the accolades and trophies, his greatest gift to me was his unconditional love. I am still learning all that he tried to teach me. He will forever be missed and own a special place in my heart.