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I’m often asked, Why the name Wicklow Dressage? What does it represent? To explain, I need to go back a generation and then some. My father was born in Wicklow, Ireland, and inherited his love of horses from his Celtic ancestry. It’s a heritage steeped in mythic journeys and spiritual awakenings. It’s a journey alive with laughter and song, love and respect, humor and joy, as well as a reverence for horses and the power and freedom they represent. The Celts believed that if we can listen to the horse, we can connect with our inner spirit and a higher consciousness. My father passed along these wonderful gifts to me, so the name Wicklow in his honor.




Mission Statement
Dressage riding is a way of life. It is an intimate conversation without words between horse and rider. When a rider can talk to the horse through his or her body language, he or she can create a relationship of beauty and moving perfection. When you awaken your conscious and subconscious muscles, this conversation can begin. It has been my life’s purpose to teach riders how to create this dynamic relationship. I invite you to participate in the creative process.