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I am a dedicated professional with over 30 years of experience in the horse business. My experience ranges from being a Master of the Berry Hollow Hunt in Pennsylvania and serving on the board of the Penn-Jersey Horse Show Association, to being a well-recognized horse show manager and a professional dressage instructor and trainer through the FEI levels.

I have trained and ridden horses in many disciplines, finally finding the one that captured my passion, dressage. When I first started learning about dressage in the mid 70s there were few trainers or instructors to be found. I was fortunate enough to find and train with Olympic rider and dressage trainer, Sidley Payne. Since that time I have also studied with Karl Mikolka, Kathy Connelly, Michael Poulin, Carol Lavell, Oded Shimoni, Uwe Steiner and Carole Grant.

I have taken several horses and students to the Grand Prix level and have won many national and regional awards. Earned my Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals, am an L judge with distinction and was 1997 Vintage Grand Prix Champion with my beloved horse Lowenprinz.

Realizing early in my career the importance of a correct and effective seat, I focused my attention on learning how the body functions in relation to the horse. I studied the works of Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Sally Swift and Mary Walness.

This journey has taken a lifetime of studying and exploring as well as the honing of my intuitive awareness and communication skills. Understanding the importance of expanding ones knowledge, I continued my education to include the most cutting-edge information in learning and body work and enrolled in The BALIMO™ Equestrian Instructors Program. I am proud to be a graduate BALIMO™ Instructor.

I am excited about sharing my years of knowledge and experience to help others unlock the mystery of the seat while integrating classical training principles. For without a correct seat, there is no classical riding.



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Nancy J Baker
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