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Balimo means Balance in Motion. It is the creation of Eckart Meyners, a professor of sports physiology at the University of Luneburg in Germany. He is a respected member of the FN, teaching national coaches, judges and international riders.

Hannes Muller, Director and Chief Trainer of the German Academy for Professional Riders supports the Balimo program by providing the theory and practice of technical riding skills as well as the theory of teaching in the arena. Mr. Muller is considered one of the best trainers in Germany and is widely published.

Balimo is about unlocking the muscles and neural pathways that time, gravity and our lifestyles have either over-used or under-used. The key to better riding is to improve balance and flexibility. Through the Balimo program, exercises are used to rediscover our body’s balance and free motion; they are very specific but effortless.

The system targets previously unknown areas that have been causing problems and can be addressed and corrected, thus creating free flowing energy between you and the horse. Results are immediate. I look forward to sharing with you the BALIMO experience.

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